New Tech Company Launches in Albuquerque



Contact: Rachael Maestas, City of Albuquerque


Dawn Goldman, Best Deal Retailer

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September 27, 2018


New Tech Company Launches in Albuquerque

In line with the City of Albuquerque’s “increment of one” economic development strategy, Best Deal Retailer will create and save jobs.

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – Best Deal Retailer will hold a ribbon cutting ceremony, kicking off the official company launch today, September 27th, at 6-8 pm at Sport Systems (6915 Montgomery Blvd.)

Invited and confirmed attendees are representatives from the ski industry, the city’s economic development department, winter brand manufactures, prominent local business owners, influential community members and the press.

Mayor Tim Keller expressed his support for the new company, saying, "Best Deal Retailer is the kind of company we support—it’s homegrown and is creating good jobs. This app, sold to retailers, gives customers the best deal in a local brick and mortar store. This strengthens Main Street, and increases our tax base. This innovative concept was invented right here in Albuquerque at Sport Systems. We always encourage folks to shop local, now you can support local and get the best deal. Check it out for your next purchase."

“We are very proud to be part of the City’s initiative to grow jobs from within, keep profits circulating locally and bring in revenue from states across the nation,” says Duane Kinsley, Founder of Best Deal Retailer and Owner of Sport Systems. “Our process and app makes brick and mortar retailers profitable thereby saving Main Street and increasing tax revenue for city governments.”

The company’s new process revolutionizes the shopping experience for customers by giving more value and better deals than internet purchases. With the app used by sales associates on an iPad, the BDR process creates customized value packages for consumers to save them more money. Customers love the BDR process because they receive the best deal in the world while supporting their local retailers.

After tremendous success at Sport Systems, Best Deal Retailer (BDR) started making its process and app available to retailers nationwide. Shelton Jewelers is the second local BDR user, and Sun & Ski, one of the nation’s largest sporting goods retailers, is the first out-of-state customer. Along with Sun & Ski, Best Deal Retailers not in Albuquerque bring new revenue into the City as BDR is headquartered here and owned by Kinsley who has been a resident since 1970.

“Our company not only embodies the City’s ‘Increment of One’ program which is that every business creates one job but we will raise it to ‘One Plus One.’ Best Deal Retailer will not only create a job but also save a job with our process and app,” explains Kinsley.

As more Best Deal Retailers are on boarded, they can use the app to barter services to expand the value choices they can offer customers. Attendance to the ribbon cutting ceremony is by invite only. The Best Deal Retailer sales process and app is now available to select local Albuquerque retailers.

About Best Deal Retailer

Best Deal Retailer (BDR) is an innovative technology solution for brick and mortar retailers. Founded in 2017, Best Deal Retailer is designed to preserve Main Street, and save customers more money than buying online through the assembly of customized value packages made on the app. In many cases, Best Deal Retailer will double a retailer’s profit. For more information, visit or call 505-281-2222.



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